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Swimming Pool FAQ's

I am interested in purchasing a Juliano’s Pool. How do I get started?

A representative from Juliano’s will be happy to meet with you to review all of the options and benefits of owning a Juliano’s Pool. They will work with you and assist you in all stages of your purchase, from selecting the right pool for you to offering professional installation and service. We will help you find the perfect pool for your home and budget, allowing you to create your perfect backyard oasis.

How do I choose an inground liner for my pool?

With our wide selection of styles and colors, we guarantee you will find the perfect match that works for you. These steps will help your narrow down your choices:
• Consider color scheme.
• Consider tone.
• Consider Design Elements.
• Consider Floor Patterns.
We welcome you to visit our pool liner page for more details:

Is there a lot of maintenance after installing a pool?

In order to keep your pool in pristine condition, it needs to be maintained and cared for. However, with today’s technology, cleaning systems are practical with only a few simple steps.

After the installation of your pool, Juliano’s will be sure to completely explain the ins and outs of pool maintenance.

Juliano’s Pools also offers regular pool maintenance. Juliano’s Pools now offers weekly cleaning services as well as bi-weekly cleaning.

Let our team help keep your pool in tip-top shape. We offer a full range of services from simple repairs to complete pool renovations. During our visit we will vacuum the pool, empty all baskets, skim the surface, examine equipment for proper operation and check the water chemistry.

How long does it take to build a pool?

The timeline for pool construction varies, but completion typically falls between 45 and 60 days. Our team will excavate your land, pour the cement foundation and fill it with water, then build a deck and install a fence around the perimeter.

What options are available when choosing the design of a pool?

When designing and building a Juliano’s Pool, there are many options available – from size, shape, pool liners, spas, fountains, steps, and much more. Our staff will assist you in making these decisions.

Whatever your dream pool is, we’ll build it. The design options are endless and we are here to help you choose the most suitable inground pool for you and your family.

How often am I supposed to shock my pool?

You should shock your pool once per week (we typically recommend at the end of the weekend after the pool gets its’ heaviest usage). Shocking the pool should be done at night once the pool is no longer in use for the day. After shocking the pool keep the pump running over night to circulate the water. The shock will oxidize organic compounds (sweat, sun tan lotion, etc) out of the water to keep the water clear and shimmering. 1 gallon of liquid shock should be used per 10,000 gallons.

When should I clean my filter?

The answer can vary depending on your filter. A clean filter significantly contributes to keeping your pool in good condition. We recommend checking when the pressure rises to about 10 psi., and then you know it is time to clean your filter.

Due to the length of the summer pool season, daily filter cycles can be overworked and lead to a reduction in the filtration. When your filter is not cleaned correctly or efficiently, the flow rate of the circulation system drops. Your pool can also become green, cloudy, and murky due to your filter not being cleaned.

At Juliano’s, we recommend you always clean your filter at the beginning of your pool season and before the closing.

Why is my pool green?

Algae is the most likely cause of your pool turning green. When chlorine levels fall below the recommended levels (1-3ppm in standard chlorine pools, .5-1 ppm in mineral system pools), even for a day, algae can grow. Algae is easy to kill & manage using a combination of shock and algaecide. The amounts needed vary depending on pool size and amount of algae growth.

What makes shock different than chlorine?

Shock is chlorine. It can be found in liquid or powder form (we recommend liquid). The difference between shock and chlorine tabs is that shock is used to immediately bring up the chlorine levels in the pool and chlorine tabs are used to maintain the recommended chlorine levels in the pool (typically the tabs are put into an automatic chlorinator or floater).

Do you install above-ground pools?

Yes, we do. Above ground pools are slightly less expensive and take less time to build. We have a large selection of difference styles with will fit your needs.

Do you subcontract to build your pools?

No, our construction crews are all based in-house to ensure work is done with the quality and service you deserve. Owner Brian Juliano is on site to supervise all jobs.

How do I know if my pool has a leak? What do I do if my pool has a leak?

Pools naturally lose water over time. If your pool is losing far more water than you would expect, it may have a leak. Sometimes, you can even see the leak. You can give us a call at 860-870-1085 or 860-530-1780 and we’ll determine if a leak exists and plan the best way to fix it.

What options do I have if my terrain is difficult to build on?

An on-ground pool may be the solution. On-Ground pools have the look and style of in-ground pools, but for a fraction of the cost. they can also be built on steeper inclines than in-ground pools.

What should I do when I want to close my pool?

Juliano’s Pools offers pool openings and closing if you would like professionals to take care of the job. we also sell LOOP-LOC pool covers in case you want to do the job yourself.

Where can I see examples of your work?

Our gallery shows some of the pools we’ve installed, in a huge variety of styles. Take a look! – Gallery

Is financing available?

Yes, we work with Lyon Financial and HFS Home Improvement Loans. Both companies offer competitive rates and have a great relationship with our company.

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