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Weekly Pool Cleaning Services in CT & MA

Summer is the time to enjoy your pool. Don’t spend your summer struggling to keep your pool clean. Juliano’s Pools offers different options for regular pool cleanings and our experienced staff will ensure that your pool looks great as long as it remains open.

Our Pool Cleaning Services include :
Pool Skimming
Pool Vacuuming
Pool Brushing
Empty Skimmer Basket
Back Flush Filters
Water Test
Balance Water Chemistry*
Check Water Circulation

Juliano’s Pools offers weekly cleaning services. Let our team help keep your pool in tip-top shape. We offer a full range of services, from simple repairs to complete pool renovations. During our visit, we will vacuum the pool, empty all baskets, skim the surface, examine equipment for proper operation and check the water chemistry. If we find that the filter pressure is high, we will clean the filter by backwashing it or breaking it down as needed.

If chemicals need to be adjusted, we will use any customer-supplied chemicals or can use our own (at an additional expense). ** It is highly recommended to purchase a bulk chemical package at the beginning
of the season 

Juliano's Pools

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