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Swimming Pool Tile and Gunite Restoration

Gunite Pool Renovation

Has your swimming pool begun to start showing signs of age? Is the tile cracked or has the plaster become rough to the touch? Juliano’s sister company, Drewnowski Pools and Spas handles our Tile and Gunite Pool Renovation.  Even if you upkeep your pool every season, it still encounters regular wear and tear from use over the summer months. We’re happy that your house is where everyone gathers for parties and swimming a few laps, and we can help you restore your pool to look just like new.

Tile Restoration

Over time the tile around your pool can fade, chip, and break. Whether this is the case or you are just looking to refresh the look of your pool, Drewnowski Pools and Spas can have your existing swimming pool looking like new again. Tiles can chip, break, fall off, or turn dirty or dull from use and exposure to the weather. Don’t spend another second looking at imperfect tiles in your pool.

We can completely re-tile your inground pool or make quick repairs to fix a few broken tiles around the top of the water. We know that you invested a lot in your inground pool, and it should continue to look as good as the day it was installed.

What Is Gunite?

Gunite is a sand and concrete mixture which is used for many different applications due to its durability and lower permeability. Gunite pools are among the strongest and most durable pool types available. Steel framework is laid down accordingly, depending on the shape and design of your pool, and the gunite is then laid on top of the framework. Since the pool is built on site, the design possibilities are endless, where as a fiberglass pool is built before-hand and transported to your house. That not only limits the size but also the shape.

Gunite pools offer the most flexibility and creative control, as well as the best durability. Due to the steel framework, gunite pools will retain their shape over a long period of time. A smooth finish is applied at the end of the process to eliminate or reduce the rough feeling one might experience from the gunite. The most common finish is plaster, which is a mixture of cement and marble sand, but other options are available such as a tiled finish, concrete paint, or even pebble surfaces.

Juliano’s sister company Drewnowski Pools and Spas can restore the gunite in your inground pool to the same smooth condition it was the day of installation. Whether there are rough patches or cracks in the walls of your inground pool or the coloring just looks dull, we can fix and restore your existing pool. Drewnowski Pools and Spas can give your pool a great face lift with tile and gunite pool renovation to make it the focal point of your yard!

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