Meet The Owner

Meet Brian Juliano

Our motto - "Specializing in Quality" Yes, that's the motto of Brian Juliano owner/founder of Juliano's Pools has become an ever-present business fixture at 321 Talcottville Road in Vernon. Brian worked on pools throughout high school and began to realize how enjoyable building and servicing pools was.

After graduating from high school, Brian enrolled in Providence College as an economics major. Brian would commute from Rhode Island to work on pools to meet his college expenses.

Once finished with college, Brian was convinced that after many years of pool experience and a background in business, it was time to start a full-service pool company in the CT and MA area. With advice from his parents, Bob and Marcia Juliano, he purchased a van and some basic hand tools. Juliano's Pools was founded! With only one employee, Jeff Juliano, his brother, the two were able to build a dozen pools in the first six months of operation. Juliano's Pools continued to grow as Brian saw how top-quality workmanship, fair prices, and exceptional customer service paid dividends.


Currently, Juliano's Pools has over 60 employees, including a general/operations manager, a project manager, a service manager, a construction manager, a pool store manager,sales consultant, marketing department, and many other dedicated employees.

Now Juliano's Pools has thousands of satisfied customers in Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Brian is fully licensed in both states.