Storing & handling pool chemicals safely

7/22/2015 | jennh

Storing & handling pool chemicals safely getimage.asp.jpg
Reaching the perfect balance between your chemicals to achieve that perfect, crystal clear water can be hard to achieve if you aren’t handling and storing your pool chemicals properly. Pools can quickly become hazardous if your pool chemicals aren’t used as they should be, so learning how to handle and store them is important.

Whether you’re a new pool owner or not, these tips to storing and handling your chemicals will ensure you’re staying safe while taking care of your pool.

Chemical Storage

Your chemicals should always be stored in the containers that they came in. By moving the chemicals to another container, you could cause another chemical reaction and put your pool, and yourself, in danger. You’ll also want to store your chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Be careful about storing your chemicals in the garage. In the summer, with the hot and humid temperatures, chemicals can give off an intense odor or scent and become dangerous to you.

You should not store all your pool chemicals together in one place. It’s important you separate liquids and solids and keep the chlorine stored away from acids, while also keeping different types of chlorine separate from each other. Of course, keeping all your pool chemicals away from anything flammable. You should not store any of your chemicals directly on the floor, so they don’t become wet, which could cause a chemical reaction to occur.

Chemical Handling

Handling your pool chemicals properly and safely is important for you and your pool. First, it is important to read all your chemicals labels and directions about handling before you use them. When handling your chemicals, be sure to handle them in a well-ventilated area, not around anything flammable, or around any children or pets.

When opening containers, use caution to avoid spilling them. You should only open one container at a time and close it before opening another, to avoid contamination or a reaction from occurring. You should never mix any pool chemicals with each other or anything else. Carbonated beverages are acidic enough to react with chlorine, keep food and drinks away!

It is also important that you dedicate specific equipment to only one chemical. It helps to label the equipment and make sure it is dry before use. If you do accidentally spill a chemical, clean it up immediately and never put them back in the original container.

Pool chemical associated accidents are the cause of many emergency visits in the US each year, but most of these injuries could easily be prevented. It’s important to know how to handle these chemicals and what to do if a spill or accident does happen, for your safety.

At Juliano’s Pools, our team of pool professionals are trained in safe chemical storing and handling. Our staff would be happy to answer any of your questions about chemical safety. Click here to learn more about our Pool Maintenance programs.


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