Pool Heater Options: Which is best?

7/9/2015 | jennh

Pool Heater Options: Which is best? Heat_Pump_Savings.jpg

There are a number of different options when it comes to wanting to heat your inground swimming pool. Many people wonder if one option is better than another, but there isn’t just one heating option that is said to be the best. The best heating system for you is based on a number of different factors including when you will use it, your budget, and the layout of your pool.

Here are some of your options you’ll have to choose between:

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are fairly easy to use and maintain. Their exclusive design features allow heat to be delivered at low air temperatures, compared to other heat pumps that may not be as efficient as the air temperature gets cooler.

A heat pump uses electricity to operate and is actually a form of solar heater. The sun-warmed air contributes to the efficiency - heat is extracted from the air, upgraded with a compressor, and then transferred to the water.

Juliano’s offers Aqua Comfort heat pumps that are environmentally friendly with no combustible by-products. They create clean, efficient energy that is very safe for the environment.

Gas Heaters

Gas pool heaters have remained a popular system for heating swimming pools. They use either natural gas or propane. They are efficient if you’re looking to heat your pool for a short period of time or for quick heating. Which may be a good option for you if you aren’t using your pool everyday.

With gas heaters, the pump circulates the pool’s water; the water is then drawn from the pool and passes through a filter and then on to the heater. The gas burns in the heater, generating heat that transfers to the water and is then returned to the pool.

Installing a pool heating system is a decision that you should carefully consider and talk to experts about which option is right for you. Each option varies on different factors and our experts will be able to assess which option will be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Considering installing a heating system for your custom swimming pool? Stop in to talk to one of our experts or give us a call to get started. 


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