Pool Filtration Systems: The Heart of a Pool

7/14/2017 | toml

Pool Filtration Systems: The Heart of a Pool July_Photo_Collage_1.jpg

The most important part of a pool’s maintenance is having an efficient filtration system. A proficient filter is the best way to keep your pool’s water sparkling and clean all summer long. Having a poor filtration system can cost you extra money and time. It is important to select the right pool filter in order to prevent waterborne bacteria growth and to keep your water from turning green due to algae. At Juliano’s Pools, our team of professionals is prepared to help you choose the right filter for your pool.

Sand filters are composed of metal, concrete, or fiberglass materials and have a bed of special-grade sand inside. The sand catches the dirt and debris when water is filtered in. The renewed water then flows back into the pool.

Cartridge filters cover a greater surface than sand filters, experience less clogging, and requires easier maintenance. Cartridge filters are relatively in expensive because the cartridge has the ability to be rinsed off and reinserted.

DE filters hold an extremely fine powder that is created by crushing the fossilized exoskeletons of algae. The powder coats a fabric-covered filter grid that removes any dirt and debris from your pool water.

Regardless if you’ve just had a new filtration system installed, or have been using the same one for years, it’s important to maintain your filter to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible. At Juliano’s Pools our expert staff is ready to help you maintain your filtration system. Routine checkups can prevent costly problems in the future. We will perform filter maintenance throughout the year so you can enjoy your summer! Call Juliano’s Pools today!


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