Is your pool cover this safe?

9/14/2016 | jennh

Is your pool cover this safe? 423140ca-d386-4c90-9e9d-4c0dbe202b2f.jpg

Any pool. Any size. Any style. 

Only LOOP-LOC offers you a safety cover designed to provide the ultimate in protection that works for your lifestyle... and your sense of style. See just how beautiful a safer backyard can be. 

September is the perfect time to start planning your pool's closing. 

Juliano's Pools carries LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Covers. LOOP-LOC makes super-strong safety swimming pool covers for any size pool that offer the ultimate in protection.Here's what LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Covers will do for you:Keep your pool from getting damaged during the fall and winter.Ensure the water stays clean for when you reopen your pool in the spring.Make certain that animals and children are safe from the dangers of drowning.


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