Is it time to replace your pool liner?

7/7/2017 | toml

Is it time to replace your pool liner? Brians_Favorites.jpg

Over time a pool’s liner will start fading due to the sun’s harsh UV rays and pool chemicals; even if a pool is properly maintained. The experts at Juliano’s Pools have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your new pool liner is properly installed so you are able to get maximum use out of your pool.

 It’s time to replace your liner when…

Are you noticing any cracks in your pool’s liner? UV rays and chemicals can eat away at your pool’s liner even if the pool is properly maintained. Small cracks or tears in your pool’s liner can indicate that your pool could also be leaking water as well.

Has your pool liner’s pattern faded with time? Exposure to harsh chemicals and sunlight play a significant part in your pool liner fading, however, severe fading can be a sign of deterioration. The plasticizers found in a vinyl liner will can deteriorate over the years causing the liner to become weak; becoming more susceptible to cracks and tears.

 Let us help you!

At Juliano’s Pools, we offer Legacy 27ml virgin replacement pool liners that come with a 20 year prorated warranty. We also offer a large variety of colors and patterns to create a custom look for your pool. Are you thinking it’s time to replace your pool liner? Call Juliano’s Pools to get started today!


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