Accessories are a Pool’s Best Friend

10/14/2015 | jennh

If you are looking to spruce up the appearance of your pool or keep it crystal clean, the pool accessories at Juliano’s Pools can help you accomplish just that. We offer a variety of accessories that are affordable and effective when it comes to caring for your pool.


If you want to use your pool at night to take advantage of the warm summer nights, the lighting around your pool should be the best. Having great lighting around your pool doesn’t only create an inviting atmosphere, but it provides safety by lighting paths and the entire pool area. Juliano’s Pools carries different kinds of lighting, including 300 and 500 Watt Light Bulbs that last 2,000 hours. Dual-Powered LED Lanterns are also available that last up to 100,000 hours, have a convenient folding carry handle, and can be powered by batteries or plug it in with an AC adapter.

Chlorine Dispensers

Summer months come with vacations and busy schedules that might prevent you from taking care of your pool during the week. Juliano’s Pools has Chlorine Dispensers that automatically release chlorine in your pool to keep it clean and ready for swimming. It’s as simple as fill, adjust, and forget! The dispensers add some fun to your pool as they come in either a floating duck or floating frog.

Filter Cartridges

Pool filter cartridges typically can run for 2,000 hours for a filter pump, and they should be replaced once every one to two years. The lifespan of the filter can vary depending upon how much is filtered through it, like sunscreen and chemicals. Some signs your filter cartridge needs to be changed include:

·         Broken bands around the filter
·         Polyester fabric is frayed
·         Pleats begin to flatten
·         Cracked end caps
·         Water flow is reduced

Juliano’s Pools carries pool filter cartridges for different filters. The Premium Filter Cartridge is seven feet in diameter and two feet in length. It is the replacement for Hayward CX410-RE and Unicel C-7442. The Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridge has a diameter of 8-15/16” and a length of 23-1/4”. It replaces Hayward C1200, Unicel C-8412, and Filbur FC-1293.

Gate and Door Alarm

Keeping you and your family safe is important, especially around pools during the summer time. Gate and door alarms are an excellent way to ensure that no accidents happen around the backyard pool. Juliano’s Pools has three different pool alarms available to purchase. The Pool Patrol Gate & Door Alarm is water resistant, attaches to any door or gate, and alarm sounds before someone enters the pool area. If you own an inground pool, the Poolguard Inground Pool Alarm is easy to use, completely portable, and comes with an in house remote receiver.  The Poolguard Door Alarm has a horn that sounds at 85 dB at 10 feet, is easy to install, and comes with wire and screws needed for assembly.

Juliano’s Pools is your one-stop shop for anything pool-related during the summer months. Our online store has all of our pool accessories in stock so that you can easily order replacements or new items and have them shipped to your home. You can always stop into our showrooms in Vernon, Connecticut, to speak with our professionals who are more than happy to help you find the right accessories for your pool!



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