Make a Splash!

8/29/2017 | toml

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Make a Splash!

Cannon balls are getting old and diving is BORING! Here are five new ways to jump into your pool this summer – all you need is a pool noodle! Warning attempt at your own risk!

“Accidently” Falling

Fool all of your friends and family by making it look like you “accidently” fell into the pool. Feel free to get creative with this one! Flair your arms out and make a scene. See how many people rush to your side so you can tell them they’ve all been set up!

Harry Potter and the Nimbus 2000

Have any pool noodles hanging around? Grab them and your friends! Jump into the pool with the noodle like you’re riding a broomstick in a game of Quidditch. Continue the fun by creating a pool game that involves you staying on your broomstick noodle!

Lazy Man Dive

A different take on the belly flop – the lazy man dive requires you to jump with a stiff body resting your head on your hand as if you were laying on the floor watching TV.

Olympic Long Jump

On your mark, get set, JUMP! Jump out as far as you can from the side of the pool. Give it all you’ve got! Keep track of who has the longest jump by using a pool noodle or kick board.

Rock Star

Grab those old pool noodle and rock out. Jump into the pool holding the pool noodle like a guitar and extending one leg in front and the other bent behind. Rock n’ Roll!



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