BioGuard Pool and SpaGuard


Juliano's Pools is proudly carrying BioGuard pool and spa products!

(BioGuard products are available at our Hebron location only)


Bio Guard Pool Products:

Sanitizers to Clean Water

In order for your pool to be crystal clear and protected from bacteria and algae, sanitizers are the key ingredient for your pool maintenance.  Juliano's Pools supplies you with BioGuard sanitizers that helps to make your pool water soft and smooth, prevents scaling, and protects against corrosion and metal staining. This will also help to prolong the life of your pool equipment as well.


Smart SilkGuard® Sticks Power Chlor™
SilkGuard® Tabs / SilkGuard® Sticks Super Soluble™
BioGuard® Basic Tabs Brominating Tablets

Algae Killing and Prevention

Proper pool maintenance also consists of adding algicide, which will prevent algae growth.  BioGuard products at Juliano's Pools are EPA tested and approved. Various types of algae do require different treatments and we have what you need.


Back Up® 2 Algae All 60 Optimizer® Plus Banish® Spot Kill® and Spot Kill® WP 

Water Enhancers

In order to maintain sparkling clear water in your pool, BioGuard water enhancers from Juliano's Pools will help to get rid of cloudy water and help your filter work more efficiently. 


Pool Complete™ Polysheen® Blue Natural Clarifier Pool Opening Complete™ Pool Tonic™
Power Floc™ Sparkle Up® Smart Shield™ Skim Mor® Natural Result™

Shock to Remove Contaminants

Adding shock to your pool is a key step in proper pool maintenance.  Shocks and oxidizers will eliminate organic contaminants, remove combined clorine and help to restore your pool water's claity.  Shocking your pool should be a regular step in your pool's maintenance procedure.  


Smart Shock® Easy Shock & Swim® Burnout® 3
Burnout® 73 Burnout® 35 Oxysheen®

Water Balancers

Another important step in your pool's maintenance is keeping your pool's water correctly balanced.  Adding pool water balancers will help to control scale, prevent metallic stains, and adjust pH levels. Having the correct pH levels in your pool will help with swimmer's comfort and help to protect your pools equipment from corrosion.


Balance PAK® 100 Balance PAK® 200 Balance PAK® 300 Lo ’N Slo®
Stabilizer 100 Instant Stabilizer 100 Pool Magnet® Plus Scale Inhibitor

Cleaning and Problem Solver

In order to keep your pool's equipment running smooth and efficiently, it is vital to keep your pool equipment clean.  Performing regular cleanings will increase the lifetime of your pool and its equipment. Keep your pool clean and inviting with BioGuard products from Juliano's Pools.


Kleen It® Strip-Kwik® Off The Wall® Erase® Iron Stain Remover
Anti Foam Stow-Away® Chem-Out®  

Salt Pool Products

If you have a salt water pool, Juliano's Pools has all of the BioGuard chemicals needed to help keep your salt water pool in top performing condition.


Mineral Springs® Beginnings® Mineral Springs® Renewal® Mineral Springs® Stain and Scale SaltScapes™ Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer
SaltScapes™ Algae Remover SaltScapes™ pH Reducer SaltScapes™ SunShield® Stabilizer SaltScapes™ Scale Defender
SaltScapes™ Cell Cleaner      

Off Season BioGuard Products

During the fall and winter months, it is important to keep the pool protected.  In order to close your pool properly, using the right chemicals and treatment will help for an easier and smoother pool opening in the spring.


Arctic Blue® Winter Kits Arctic Blue® Shock
Arctic Blue® Algae Protector Silk Winter Floater

Non-Chlorine Pool Products

BioGuard uses an easy 3 step system to provide soft, clear, and chlorine-free water.  This allows the water to feel soft to skin, eyes and hair.


SoftSwim® A SoftSwim® B SoftSwim® C SoftSwim® Filter Cleaner
SoftSwim® Filter Aid SoftSwim® Stain Control Optimizer® Plus  

Ask Us About the BioGuard 3-Step Pool Care System!




BioGuard Spa Products:

Spa Sanitizers to Clean Water

The key to Spa maintenance is killing bacteria and algae.  Chemicals used in a pool are quite similar to a spa, but react more quickly in a spa.  Juliano's Pools has the proper BioGuard chemicals you need to keep you spa clean.


Brominating Concentrate Chlorinating Concentrate Brominating Tablets


Spa Balancers

Keeping the right balance of your spa water is necessary. Balancers control scale, adjust pH and total alkalinity and correct mineral imbalances.


Spa Sentry®* pH Increaser pH Decreaser Total Alkalinity Increaser Calcium Hardness Increaser


Alternative Spa Care System

Juliano's Pools offers BioGuard products that are bromine-free and chlorine-free that only require use a few times each week.  Biguanide is an effectice sanitizer that kills bacteria while keeping the water soft and will not degrade in sunlight, temperature, or affect pH levels in your spa.


Soft Soak® Sanitizer Soft Soak® Shock-Oxidizer Soft Soak® Conditioner Soft Soak® Stain & Scale Control Soft Soak® Filter Cleaner


Spa Shock to Remove Contaminants

When people use a spa, there are some amounts of body oils, perspiration and cosmetics leftover in the water.  This can cause irrated skin, burning sensation in your eyes and odors.  Shocking your spa will help to eliminate these contaiminates and restore the clarity and comfort of your spas water.


Enhanced Shock Spa Shock


Spa Water Enhancers and Cleaners

Juliano's carries all SpaGuard chemicals that cleans and clarifies your spa, extends filter performance and protects the surfaces on your spa.


Water Clarifier Water Freshener Anti Foam Filter Cleaner
Stain & Scale Control Natural Spa Enzyme Off The Wall® Surface Cleaner  



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