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Hebron Store NOW Offering Above Ground & Inground Pools!

Juliano's Pools carries a full line of supplies, chemicals, skimmers, robot vacuums, pools parts, filter parts, and a large selection of pool accessories. We also have a free water testing station for your convenience. If you can't find it in our store, we may be able to special order for you. Visit our online store to order chemicals and other products.

Juliano's Pools now offers a budget friendly way to cool off, above ground pools! Above ground pools are only offered out of our new Hebron, CT location. Click here to view our Above Ground Pool Gallery.

Benefits of an Above Ground Pool:

  • Cost: above ground pools are a budget friendly way to cool off in the summer months! If an inground pool isn’t in your budget, consider an above ground pool.
  • Easy Installation: compared to an inground pool, above ground pools are quicker and easier to install. Removal is also an easier process.
  • Portability: above ground pools don’t have to stay in one place, they can be moved around based on your needs. Best part is if you move, your pool can move with you.
  • Same Features: Just because your pool is above ground, that doesn’t mean you lose all the great features offered with an inground pool. You can still install steps, water features, and more!


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Hebron Store:

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Above Ground Pool Gallery